Physically-Based Distributed Hydrological Model

GEOtop 2.x/3.x is a distributed model of the mass and energy balance of the hydrological cycle. GEOtop is applicable to simulations in continuum in small or relatively large mountain catchments. GEOtop deals with the effects of topography on the interaction between energy balance (evapotranspiration, heat transfer) and hydrological cycle (water, glacier and snow).

Academic Credits

Endrizzi S., Gruber S., Dall’Amico M., Rigon R., GEOtop 2.0.: Simulating the combined energy and water balance at and below the land surface accounting for soil freezing, snow cover and terrain effects, Geosci. Model Dev., 2014

Rigon, R., Bertoldi, G., & Over, T. M. (2006). GEOtop: A Distributed Hydrological Model with Coupled Water and Energy Budgets. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 7, 371–388.

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Users' Manual and Useful Documentation

Users interested in GEOtop can download a users' manual here Further documentation on how to use the program, please follow the instruction on the source code documentation.

Mailing list

The community the following mailing list:

Source Code and Licensing

This project has been and developed by a multidisciplinary community. The the source code has been released under open source GPL v3.0 license.